use it up.

Like I mentioned last week, we’re throwing a brunch party on New Year’s day, so I’ve been fairly motivated to clear out the fridge. My goal has been to use up as much pantry and fridge stuff as possible and NOT to eat or order out – a bad habit I’ve fallen into.

Today we went shopping for the party and, as you can see, just barely got everything to fit in the fridge.

Anyway, this inspired me to tackle using up some pantry items that we’ve had around for over a year, along with some other fresher ingredients that I just want out of the way.

First, I used up almonds and made flour for this banana muffin recipe. They got the stamp of approval from my SO (and me!)

Next, I started using up a jar of sunflower seeds while making sunflower seed butter.

Meanwhile, we had been baking spaghetti squash, and combined it with the rest of the almond flour to make a pizza dough! Threw an eggplant spread on top for sauce (I had this spread forEVER and always forgot about it) then finished up a block of mozzarella and package of chevre goat cheese.

Last, I used the rest of the sunflower seeds along with leftover cilantro to make a cilantro lemon sunflower seed dip. Not gonna lie, this dip is a little weird, but I can put it out with the other dips I have planned for the party.

After the craziness of the party is over, I’ll try using up my other year old pantry items…so much dried fruit! Any ideas for what I can make with dried fruit? Would love suggestions in the comments.

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